Alright this kid is trying real hard to do two things at the same time, playing Guitar Hero on expert mode and solving two Rubik’s Cube puzzles. This was done with the left hand on the guitar controls, the right hand solving the Rubik’s cube and his right elbow on the strummer! A mirror was set up opposite the TV so that the camera could record him performing the entire feat in the same frame as the screen.

He calls it multicolored multitask, as both the Rubik’s puzzle and video game require recognizing colors and patterns to perform the necessary actions. Clearly, Guitar Hero requires more attention during solos whilst the puzzle solving is queued up to be solved during slower moments.

I don’t know how many people who are able to solve Rubik’s cube puzzles can also play Guitar Hero on expert but being able to watch him perform both simultaneously can be considered quite rare and nearly impossible to copy.


Playing Guitar Hero and Solving Rubik’s Cube At the Same Time