lego wall kid's room

Thinking of stuff to put up in a kid’s room to make it not only look good but useful as well? This interesting idea makes use of Lego to transform the walls of a kid’s room into a huge Lego surface! Not only does everyone armed with a bunch of Lego bricks gets a hand at decorating the room with bright colors, the existing design can be revised over and over again as new Lego sculptures get built on the wall.

Of course, there’s no need to get the room painted since the Lego surface and bricks already come colored. Therefore you’ll only need to find the Lego bricks with color of your liking and attach them directly on the Lego wall! When it comes to cleanup there isn’t a need to find storage bins just to store unwanted bricks. Ok well, maybe a minimal amount of storage bins as most of the bricks can just be attached to the wall permanently like a mural. Definitely a huge convenience for busy parents.

An interesting and clever idea for a Lego kids room, or even for an adult with the heart of a child.