kii keychain usb to lightning charging adaptor 1

It can be a hassle to bring along a charging cable for the iPhone wherever you go, and some just simply leave behind their portable external battery pack and charging cable at home if they feel they do not need to recharge their phones while they’re out. Unfortunately it’s at those wrong times that mobile phones run out of juice that you wish you had brought along your gear along. Here’s one small little charging adaptor that comes in the form of a small keychain that will solve that hassle.

kii keychain usb to lightning charging adaptor 2

kii keychain usb to lightning charging adaptor 3

Kii is a USB charging connector for lightning connector i-devices that fits on a key ring. It works just like a charging cable, except that it doesn’t come in the form of a cable, but a tiny slim form that contains the necessary connector jacks on either side – one for the USB power source and the other side directly into iPhone.

With the Kii, it will be possible to do without a charging cable that always get itself tangled up in a bag. As long you have a power source like a computer, laptop or external battery pack around you will be able to juice up your portable i-devices.

A keychain-style USB charging adaptor that is convenient and easy to carry around.

The Kii keychain USB to Lightning charging adaptor retails for $39.95 from Blue Lounge.