kinect street fighter

Here’s one of the many ways the Kinect with the help of open drivers can make PC gaming a little more interesting. In the video, the Microsoft Kinect has been setup on the PC to play Street Fighter IV. Using a set of motion triggers, the system is able to detect and translate human motion into game moves such as fireballs, hurricane kicks, dragon punches in addition to the normal punches and kicks from Ken.

Though the system uses macros to execute the commands, it looks like it can help give motion users an edge in a game that requires precise joystick movements fighting against players who are playing on their arcade fight sticks and joypads.

The kickback is that the motion detection system still has room for improvement in this stage in terms of accuracy and response times, thereby the main focus from the impression is for the fun of testing out the Kinect’s capabilities on a Street Fighter game and not actually for competitive play.

Watch the video of the Kinect Street Fighter in action: