kinect super mario

No, this is not Nintendo’s Super Mario on the Xbox 360, but an Xbox Microsoft Kinect motion sensing device hacked for use with the PC in the classic Super Mario game!

Basically what has been done is to use a custom driver to allow the Kinect to transmit commands to the PC which corresponds to the input commands for the Super Mario game.

Step to the right, and Mario starts running to the right and likewise for the other direction. To make Mario jump, just perform a jump in real life.

Not only does the hacked Kinect setup work for Super Mario, it also works for Super Mario 2 and 3. The custom Kinect driver actually makes it possible for the emulator to recognize the input from the user so I guess it’ll work with other games as well.

Check out the video of the Kinect Super Mario in action:



All I can say is that it’s going to be quite a workout to try completing the game even by using the shortest possible route.