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Wristwatches have more or less lost their number one spot as timekeeping devices these days to the common mobile phone. Since mobile phones can perfectly tell the time and most of the time come with alarm clock functions, many of us use it as our primary option.

koolertron incoming call alert bluetooth vibration bracelet 2

koolertron incoming call alert bluetooth vibration bracelet 3

Sometimes when a mobile phone is in a pocket or handbag, it can be difficult to notice when there’s an incoming phone call especially in a noisy environment. A clever way to go around this problem is to use a visual or vibration alert. In this case, the Koolertron Bluetooth Bluetooth vibration bracelet will do just that.

This electronic Bluetooth enabled bracelet that takes up the place of the obsolete wrist-watch is capable of producing a vibration alert that you can feel right on your hand. It also comes with an OLED screen that will display the smartphone’s status such as an incoming phone call as well as the phone number of the caller. Not only that, it comes equipped with functional buttons that allows you to mute the ringing alert or to reject the call without having to reach for your phone from your pocket or handbag.

An additional security feature of this Bluetooth vibration bracelet is the break-away cell phone prompt, which will produce a vibration alert when the mobile phone goes out of range to prevent loss of the phone.

Product Features:

  • Stainless Steel belt prevent from allergy and comfortable to feel.
  • Elegant and clear OLED displays
  • Substantial and wireless connection to cell phone: Bluetooth V2.0
  • Vibration prompt for incoming phone. Indication of incoming phone NO.
  • Bracelet controls reject/mute function
  • Initiatively control incoming phone
  • Break away cell phone prompt , it can send vibration warning to avoid lose or stealing
  • Automatic pairing, no need to operate repeatedly.
  • Rapid battery charge function

A bracelet that not only looks good but comes with many useful features fit for the modern day techie.

The Koolertron incoming call and alarm Bluetooth vibration bracelet retails for $42.99 from Amazon.