kotobuki bear and rabbit egg molds 1

kotobuki bear and rabbit egg molds 2

Hard boiled eggs are not only nutritious, but are also tasty to eat on even on their own. To make them look even better, they can be molded into cool shapes right after they’re cooked using egg molds.

kotobuki bear and rabbit egg molds 3

These Kotobuki animal plastic egg molds are egg molds that turn ordinary round-shaped eggs into cute animal faces. When placed inside the mold when warm, the hard boiled eggs take the form of the mold as they cool down and eventually turn into the shape of either a cute rabbit or bear after a short while.

Having cute molded eggs on the plate definitely makes a meal look more interesting and much more appealing with an added visual effect. Also great for lunchbox or bento lunches food art enthusiasts.

The Kotobuki rabbit and bear shape egg molds are sold as a set for $4.99 on Amazon.