playable nes controller coffee table 1

Here’s one NES controller that no matter how hard one tries, will never be able to be held in both hands. It’s just because this playable NES controller is the size of a coffee table and probably weighs just as much as a typical coffee table does.

playable nes controller coffee table 2playable nes controller coffee table 3

Made by a guy named Jocke, the NES controller coffee table has been made out of wood and electronic components that allow it to be hooked to the NES for a game. It even comes with a huge hidden storage area below the tabletop which can be used to store anything from games and video game consoles.

While it does seem hard to play a game using such a large controller, I’m guessing anyone who is open to a design such as this will also be game enough to work towards becoming an expert with it.

It’s not the first NES themed coffee table or the first NES controller coffee table we’ve seen here, but seeing stuff like this getting made will still bring delight to people who still have a place for the classic Nintendo console in their hearts.