Dell has released its latest monitor with a look thats set to outshine monitors in its category. This monitor’s clear and distinct feature definitely has to be the clear glass bezel that surrounds the display area, with printed circuit connections boasting a futuristic feel for this 22-inch widescreen monitor.

Dell Crystal Monitor

With a 2ms response time, a 1680×1050 WXGA resolution and DVI/HDMI compatibility, this monitor will be good enough for playing games and viewing multimedia with.

Besides that, Dell has also fitted this monitor with not two, but four speakers and as to how they perform we’ll have to see when the product gets reviewed. Apart from the speaker attachments, there’s also a webcam built into the monitor as well.

If you have been wanting to get a stylish and an out-of-an-ordinary monitor to add to your desktop, this could be one to wait for. The Dell Crystal LCD Monitor will set you back by US$1199 (S$1718) and will start to ship in a few days time.

Product page via Gizmodo