leaning tower tea set 1leaning tower tea set 2

Just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa which this teapot is modeled after, it leans at an angle instead of standing upright. The leaning tower of Teasa is a ceramic set of tea crockery consisting of two tea cups and a teapot that make up the entire structure.

Once the tower is disassembled, one can use the metal infuser included to make a soothing pot of tea and serve it by using the cleverly designed pair of cups. While most crockery for tea are usually stashed away in storage compartments when not in use, this tea set does not have to suffer that state of abandonment as it serves both as a decorative piece whether it is in use or not.

The good thing about this teapot is that one does not need to worry about it toppling over and requiring the need to reinforce the structure unlike the original Tower of Pisa. The leaning tower tea set is sold for $54 at Fredflare.