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Our smartphones of today have the capability of displaying books on their screen. Not in a tangible form printed on paper like a book, but in a digital format. In addition, they are also capable of containing hundreds if not thousands of digital copies of books, which makes it very convenient compared to carrying real books.

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leather bookbook iphone case 3

For those who still love the feeling of carrying a leatherback book around, here’s a feasible alternative even when you have already switched to ebooks as your primary reading material. Made to look like an exterior of a book, this leather book-style iPhone case will not only make your iPhone look and feel like a book but also protects its screen and exterior from bumps and scratches.

The leather iPhone casing also acts as a wallet, for it also comes with pockets on the inner flap which lets you carry your ID and credit cards around as well.

A useful leather iPhone casing that will appeal to book lovers.

The leather bookbook iPhone 4 casing retails for $20.99 from Amazon.