led color-changing ice bucket 1

Sometimes you need an ice bucket for cooling beverages on the table during a nice party meal but somehow a plain stainless steel ice bucket just doesn’t make the cut. Here’s an LED color changing ice bucket that’ll surely brighten up the atmosphere either indoors or outdoors as it keeps your beverages chilled at the perfect temperature.

led color-changing ice bucket 2led color-changing ice bucket 3

led color-changing ice bucket 4

This electronic light changing ice bucket is made of frosted plastic and will diffuse colored lights built in the base of the bucket across its entire shell across a range of different colors and hues. With the included remote control, you will be able to change the color according to the party mood and atmosphere for that delicate touch.

The color changing ice bucket comes with a built-in rechargeable battery so you can charge it beforehand and unplug it for use in a portable fashion without the need of dealing with messy and potentially dangerous power cables, which is safer to use especially for hosting pool parties where water is present. A single charge of four hours provides about six hours of use.

The LED color changing ice bucket retails for $28 from Amazon.