led guide personal laser bike lane projector 1

Cycling at night can be dangerous on the road. There are many options available such as wearable reflectors or bike light attachments that can help. Here’s one bike attachment that creates a bike lane around your bike using a laser projection system.

led guide personal laser bike lane projector 2

The LED Guide is an projection system powered by a set of lasers that project an image on the road behind the cyclist when attached on the bicycle. When it’s switched on, the laser projection displays two parallel lines, with a bicycle icon on the road’s surface. When motorcyclists come close to the back of the cyclist, they will be able to notice the cyclist and with the lines projected, will provide a guide to help them keep a safe distance away from the cyclist.

Watch the video of the LED Guide laser tail light system in action below:



In addition to the projection lights, the main unit also comes with the usual LED backlight with a few lighting modes that will make motorists aware of the riding cyclist.

A useful gadget that will help to make night cycling safer.

The LED Guide retails for 1,980 yen from Thanko JP.