legless corkscrew pirate 1

Corkscrews are made for one thing, and that’s to remove the cork from bottles. They can come in many in different designs and sizes, even mechanical and automatic. Here’s one that is dressed in the form of a pirate.

legless corkscrew pirate 2

This corkscrew is one that is designed to look like a pirate. Instead of using a stump for his missing leg, he uses a corkscrew instead.This means that wherever there’s a bottle that needs to be opened, simply pick him up and screw his leg into the bottle cork and pull him up to remove the cork.

In addition, his left hand is actually a small serrated saw useful for cutting bottle seals and his right hand works as a bottle opener.

A useful multi-tool for use at the bar, perfect for a pirate-themed party.

The Legless Pirate Corkscrew retails for £10 from Suck UK.