Pac Man Lego arcade box

If there’s only one way to play classic retro games, it has to be playing them in an arcade box like the 80’s. Here’s one arcade box made by Ben Fleskes that has its chassis made primarily from Lego bricks!

Pac Man Lego arcade box interior

The Lego arcade box comes with a controller, buttons, a screen and a nostalgic 8-bit image of the original Pac-Man game made from specially chosen colored bricks at the side of the arcade machine. Besides being able to play the classic game of Pac-Man, it also supports other games such as Donkey Kong and Space Invaders.


While most arcade cabinets are able to withstand a little abuse, I highly doubt this Lego arcade box can withstand any form of rough-handling though. It will probably fall to pieces under the hands of someone with excessive gaming rage.