lego block led keychain light

Besides mini screwdrivers and bottle cap opening keychains, one of the most popular items to carry around is a small pocket light keychain. This Lego block LED keychain light is a good example of a gadget that comes with both useful and decorative purposes.

A LED keychain light is one of the many gadgets one can attach to a bunch of keys for convenience. That’s simply because it gives an assurance that one will never have to hunt for things in the dark again knowing a mini pocket light is always within an arm length’s reach.

The unique thing that comes with this Lego block LED keychain light is that it can be stacked like actual Lego bricks, so if you plan to achieve a higher luminance multiple pieces can be stacked together neatly until they’re needed. Available in four colors, red, yellow, blue and green for $9.99 each at Perpetual Kid.