lego block pillow 1

Lego blocks come in many shapes and sized, and you can make use of them to build about anything from your imagination. However, here’s a large Lego-looking block that can’t really be used for building toy structures, but for use as a pillow or cushion.

lego block pillow 2

This is a handmade pillow that is made to 20 times larger than a Lego brick and made with a blue felt finish. The insides are made with high density foam that will not only make it keep its shape, but also makes it soft enough to be used as a pillow.

The pillow’s vivid color, just like the Lego bricks they are made to look like will surely bring a bright and cheerful look to a living room or bedroom. Most of all, a perfect pillow for a Lego fan.

The handmade Lego block pillow retails for $89 on Etsy.