lego block salt and pepper set 1

Lego is one of the toys that gives a person unlimited possibilities and endless fun by allowing one to use various colored toy blocks to create different stuff to play with like cars and buildings. Here’s a set of Lego blocks that isn’t used for building stuff with, but will still allow you to assemble a tasty masterpiece in culinary terms.

lego block salt and pepper set 2

The Lego block salt and pepper shakers is a set of shakers that look like a single 1×1 Lego toy block. It comes in a set that consists of two shakers, one which is black and the other one white. Logically one would put salt in the white container while black pepper goes into the black colored shaker, but the choice is all up to you.

This black and white design is a little different from Lego’s usual style of vivid primary colors, but with it will still fit the style of a simplistic modern kitchen or dining table. It will also be perfect for a Lego fans, as each time they take a look at it while they have their meal, their imagination will run wild and perhaps it will provide inspiration for their next Lego project.

A cool-looking set of salt and pepper shakers for a Lego-loving geek.

The Lego block salt and pepper shaker set retails for $18.99 from Amazon.