lego block memo pad 1

Here’s one memo pad that comes with the shape of a Lego brick. Though it looks pretty much like a Lego brick, it is much bigger in size than a standard Lego block.

lego block memo pad 2

lego block memo pad 3

The memo pad comes in a color that is similar to that of Lego bricks, and that’s in a single bright color that those toy building blocks have always come in. The top of the memo is made up of the 2×8 round studs that usually connect to other blocks, but since there are no negative sides on the memo pad this feature has to be simply for aesthetic purposes.

Inside, the pages of the memo pad come in the same bright solid color as the front page. Since they are not lined pages, it will be more suitable for writing short memos and for doodling and sketching.

A cool-looking memo pad that will be suitable for a Lego fan.

The Lego block style memo pad comes in three designs red, yellow, and green and retails for $12 each from Brando Gadgets.