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Just like a Pictionary style game, Lego Creationary lets a group of people sit around and play a game that tests their creativity and Lego building skills. Using nothing but Lego bricks, each player takes turns to create items from different categories such as nature, vehicles, or buildings. The other players around them have to guess what he/she is making and the one that guesses correctly gets the points.

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One cool game that builds creativity and also one perfect for Lego fanatics. Not only does it make building stuff out of Lego a little more competitive, it also tests the players brains by having them create stuff out of the limited amount of Lego pieces available.

Custom rules can also be set such as restricting the amount of pieces a player can use each time to increase the challenge for both the builder and the guessing players. This will make it even more fun for the imaginative ones out there. A fun board game to play with the family and friends at parties and gatherings during the holiday season.

The Lego Creationary Game retails for $29.94 per set on Amazon.