lego minecraft village 1

If you’re a Minecraft fan then you’ll be familiar with the villages that can be encountered while exploring maps in the game. Here’s a version of a Minecraft village that doesn’t exist on the screen, but in real life as a Lego set.

lego minecraft village 2

This is a Lego Minecraft set that has been designed to look similar to that from the game. Previously Lego released its first of the series of Lego Minecraft sets, and this is one of those that followed the successful initial version, where in this new release it features village huts that can be found above ground and a mine below, adding another dimension of fun.

Just like in Minecraft, with the specially produced Lego set, you’ll be able to create unique villages with your hands instead of doing it the traditional way using a keyboard and mouse. A pretty cool way to enjoy playing Minecraft in a completely different environment.

The Lego Minecraft Village set retails for $34.99 from Jinx.