lego minifig usb flash drive 1

Aside from being used as toys, Lego minifigs have already found their way into the world of lifestyle gadgets. This time, the Lego minifig has made its way into the world of USB flash drive.

lego minifig usb flash drive 2

lego minifig usb flash drive 3

This exact-sized 1:1 scale Lego minifig comes with 2GB of storage within. From the outside, it does not look really different from a normal Lego minifig except for the telltale signs of the keychain strap attached to it. However embedded within the minifig itself is a flash card, that when the Lego minifig has been taken apart by its waist (ouch!), the concealed USB interface can then be used to connect a device such as a tablet, notebook or desktop connector for it to be used as a storage for digital media.

While the USB flash drive is slowly getting obsolete as the days go by in favor of cloud storage, a trusty USB storage like this Lego minifig flash drive can prove to be useful for situations where there’s no internet connection and also for flash booting devices. Besides that, the Lego minifig can also prove its worth as a playable toy figurine as well as for holding a bunch of keys.

The Lego minifig USB flash drive retails for $33.90 from Brando Toys.