lego ninjago lord garmadon minifig led torch

Here’s a cool LED torch for those who love everything about ninjas, and probably love ninjas more than pirates. A portable LED torch that comes in the shape and form of a Lego minifig in a ninja suit.

This minifig LED torch comes from Lego Ninjago series which has a legendary story behind it. This one in particular is made in the form of Lord Garmadon, the ruler of the underworld.

Clad in a black ninja, Lord Garmadon comes with a cool bone helm that makes him stand out as the ultimate ruler of his domain. All you need to get him to bow to you is to simply press and hold the button on his chest to activate the LED bulbs embedded in his feet.

Having the ruler of the underworld offering his services to light up the darkness for you is certainly one awesome feat. Serves as a cool posable minifig as a room décor for a display shelf and also a useful torch for many situations.

The Lego Ninjago Lord Garmadon minifig style LED torch measures 7.5 inches in height, runs on three AAA batteries and retails for $24.98 from Amazon.