lego style toy block mug 1

Here’s one mug that is meant to be customized. Not with sharpies or paint, but with colorful Lego bricks.

lego style toy block-mug 2

The Lego brick mug is a BPA-free plastic mug that can be used just like a regular mug. Unlike a regular mug, it’s one mug that can be use for creating your very own unique mugs. The mug comes with bumps and dimples that make it compatible with many kinds of toy blocks, Lego being the most common.

Using your imagination you can create a mug that reflects your personality, or one that is completely out of the world with your favorite Star Wars minifigs. Either way, you’ll sure be able to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea just a little more every time with this mug.

For some reason you get tired you’re the current design, all you need to do take everything off, think of a new design and you’ll be able to create a new cup whenever you wish to.

The Build-On Brick Mug retails for $19.99 from ThinkGeek.