lego mp3 player with color screen 1

You may have come across some mini MP3 players that look like Lego bricks before, and here’s one that is slightly larger that accommodates a color display screen.

lego mp3 player with color screen 2

lego mp3 player with color screen 3

Made to look like a bunch of bricks stuck together, this Lego MP3 player can play music in MP3 and WMA formats. While the bricks on this MP3 player can’t be disassembled, bricks can be added on it.

Other stuff such as Lego minifigs and Lego LED lights can also be stuck together to create a custom gadget, like a bedroom player with LED light. Or you can even create a custom music playing smartphone stand out of a bunch of Lego bricks and attaching the Lego MP3 player right in the middle.

The Lego MP3 player with color display screen is available for $68 at FredFlare.