lego style tape dispenser 1

This isn’t a tape dispenser that dispenser tape that looks like Lego, but it is a tape dispenser that comes with bumps and recesses that make it look like a Lego style toy block.

lego style tape dispenser 2

The brightly-colored tape dispenser is able to hold a roll of tape and be able to dispense it like what normal tape dispenses can. However it has a cool trick up its sleeve.

As it is made to look and feel like a Lego block, it can do what other tape dispensers can’t. They can be made to connect to each other like toy blocks and can be made stay in place together in a set. Great when using with decorative tape for gift wrapping.

A cool tape dispenser perfect for Lego fans.

The toy block Lego-style tape dispenser retails for $12 from Amazon.