giant lego block style humidifier 1

When the air gets dry in a room, stuff happens, such as lips getting dry and start to crack. This is the time to use a humidifier to bring the humidity back to regular levels.

giant lego block style humidifier 2

Here’s one humidifier that looks more like a toy piece than a humidifier, particularly a toy piece that should be familiar to all, a Lego toy block. Powered by USB, this humidifier makes use of ultrasonic technology to release moisture into the air in a room.

What is needed if to put water into its body, insert the suction aperture, cover the lid and power it on. The mist will subsequently be released into the air via a small hole at the top of the block.

A fun-looking humidifier that will be suitable for use in a playroom or in the home of a Lego fan.

The toy block style humidifier retails for 2,426 yen from Rakuten Global.