lenovo arcade cabinet mod

While not for sale, this laptop arcade cabinet mod from Lenovo is sure to turn heads at CES 2011. Built by modder Dean Liou for Lenovo, it allows a laptop to be slid into the mini arcade cabinet and have the arcade stick setup connect to its USB port and instantly turn into an arcade machine.

The laptop’s display provides the screen for the mini arcade cabinet itself, so other than plugging it in there isn’t anything much to do but to start playing games with it. Appropriately in the video, he starts playing the PC version of Street Fighter IV for the demo.

Besides the capabilities of the laptop mini arcade cabinet mod, the video also goes on to show the cool Street Fighter artwork that wraps the exterior; which looks totally awesome.

To me, it looks like the arcade cabinet looks more like a promotional object for Capcom rather than for Lenovo. Perhaps Lenovo and Capcom could look into a partnership for something like this to be actually made if someone from Capcom spots this during the show.

Watch the video of the Lenovo mini arcade cabinet mod in action: