levitron revolution levitating stand 1

There are many ways to display your favorite objects. One of the ways is to display them on a stand. One very fancy way is to make your objects look like they are levitating in mid air using this levitating stand.

levitron revolution levitating stand 2

The Levitron Revolution by Fascinations is a display stand that looks different from the usual ones. This one in particular comes with a levitating stand that can support the weight of objects up to 13 ounces and making them look like they float in mid-air.

How it works is by using a system of magnets to control the stand to spin and stay in mid air. When an object is placed on it, the magnetic system in the base combined with the floating stand keeps the display object hovering thus creating an illusion that makes it look as if it’s defying the laws of gravity.

Watch the video of the Levitron Revolution levitation display stand in action below:



One awesomely cool magnetic levitating display stand that will surely wow everyone who sees it.

The Fascinations Levitron Revolution magnetic levitating display stand retails for $77.74 from Amazon.