LG is showcasing its latest handset ‘Venus’ offering touchscreen navigation for CES 2008 held at Las Vegas. This stylish handphone in LG’s lineup of mobile gadgets comes with dual-screen displays offering interactivity with the power of human touch.

LG Venus at CES 2008

Besides the featured touchscreen functionality, which we will probably see in many gadgets this year, the LG Venus also comes with a music player, a 2.0 megapixel image recorder and microSD memory compatibility.

Apart from the touchscreen functions, the other features that come with the phone are pretty standard, such as Bluetooth communication capabilities. The phone is also V Cast ready, which is a 3G EV-DO network created by Verizon Wireless for the delivering of multimedia wirelessly.

The LG Venus will be available in black and pink and comes at a suggested retail price of US$199 (S$285.50) after rebate. More pictures below.

LG Venus at CES 2008 1

LG Venus at CES 2

via Aving World