lian-li train shaped mini computer casing 1

If you want to build a media center pc for placing in the middle of a living room, here’s an interesting consideration. A train-shaped computer casing that looks more like a decorative piece than a case that houses a working computer.

lian-li train shaped mini computer casing 2

lian-li train shaped mini computer casing 3

This is a mini-tower computer chassis from casing manufacturers Lian-Li, which features an exterior design of a black-colored train on a set of rails. The working parts of a mini PC fit within inside the train, where it has allocated the first section of the train for the power supply, while the second section will be able to house the main computer parts such as the motherboard and hard disk drive.

This train-shaped computer doesn’t only come in static form though, as the manufacturers have taken a step further to turn the train into a working moving version that allows the train to toot along six sections of rail when activated.

Watch the video of the Lian-Li train shaped mini computer casing in action:



An interesting and decorative look for a computer casing for a media center PC for use in the living room, where you don’t want to actually see an ugly computer case sitting around. A static version is probably more than enough for this specific purpose though, and for safety concerns I really don’t like to see a moving train tugging the power cord of a computer along as it moves about on the rails.

More info on this train-shaped computer casing at Lian-Li’s website here.