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Lego is one of the many creative toys a child can play with as there are literally millions of things that can be built with these toy building blocks.

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While Lego bricks are simple toys used to build objects in dioramas, a company called Lunatic Construction has blown up these plastic bricks into huge life-sized bricks that can be used as furniture in your house!

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Just like Lego bricks, LunaBlocks can be assembled into almost anything your mind can imagine, from coffee tables and shelves and even couches to sit on.

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There are three materials for the blocks available: Lunasoft – a polypropylene plastic material, Lunasoft – made from a soft material meant to be used as a cushion for seating and LunaMetal – bricks casted out of steel.

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It’s a a truly unique way to give homeowners the ability to create different types of furniture and arrangements for their living space. The LunaBlocks are also flexible in the sense that they can be disassembled and built into completely different objects as and when needed, which is a plus for apartments that have limited floor area. Prices of these bricks range from $20-$55 each, buy from Homology.