transformers megatron tank model

This is the amazing work produced by a Chinese steel master, turning specially designed pieces of steel and assembling them into a Transformers Megatron model in its alternate mode as a tank.

transformers megatron tank model side profile

transformers megatron tank model rear profile

The huge life-sized Megatron tank measuring 4.5×3.2×2.5 meters made from five tons worth of steel looks totally badass with impressive details that tries to match the original Megatron from the Transformers movie. That all despite having his team of steel workers rush to complete it before the Chinese New Year and the disappointing lack of materials from suppliers during the festive season.

This must be the one of the most awesome Transformers Megatron tank model we’ve seen so far and even though it can’t transform into humanoid form at all, it still looks totally intimidating. Let’s hope his next project is to make one that can actually transform or better still, one that moves.