light touch projection touchscreen

The Light Touch is an interactive projector that not only projects and image right in front of you on a surface such as a table, but also turns that image into a touchscreen too. This makes it possible to use the Light Touch as a virtual keyboard, virtual DJ turntable and practically anything that can be interacted with on a touchscreen interface.

light touch interactive touchscreen projector

The Light Touch by Light Blue Optics is essentially a mini projector that is capable of projecting images in HQ WVGA resolution as an 10.1” image. It is also coupled with an infrared sensor that allows it to receive feedback when the user touches the virtual screen projected on the table.

Watch the video of the Light Touch Projector in action:



Something like this does present itself as a good alternative to netbooks and tablets, provided the user has an access to a table with a suitable surface for the image to be projected on and for the system to receive accurate feedback on the part of the screen that is being touched on.

The compact size of the Light Touch projector also makes it portable enough to be carried around easily, though multimedia and processing capabilities that come with it is still proportional to the size and power of its core components within.