motorcycle jump


Hello Kitty Waffle Maker – Simply taboo for Hello Kitty haters, but amazingly awesome for Hello Kitty and waffle lovers.

hello kitty waffle maker hello kitty waffle


Caffeinated Marshmallows – Confectionary that contain caffeine that even Marshmallow man is proud of. Marshmallows that keep you awake with a sweet touch.

caffeine marshmallows


Neon Genesis Evangelion Cellphone Charms – Cool cellphone charms for NGEVA fans featuring the designs of Rei, Asuka and Mari’s plugsuits.

neon genesis evangelion plugsuit cellphone charms


Car Eyelashes – These carlashes are eyelashes made for car headlamps. Makes them look a little more feminine I guess. Never try it on a manly car!



That’s What She Said Flask – A flask labeled with a currently popular internet meme, ‘That’s What She Said’.

that's what she said flask


Useful ‘Torn Out’ Tea Mug – A creative and functional design that allows one to tie the loose end of a tea bag for hanging it in place at the side of a mug.

creative torn out tea mug


iMac Plush Toy – You can’t actually use this iMac plush toy to surf the net, but you can definitely hug it to bed at night.

imac plush toy


Yoshi MacBook Decal – Make greedy Yoshi eat the MacBook’s apple logo with this cute Yoshi MacBook vinyl decal.

yoshi macbook decal