giant burger

How to make an iPad stand for free by modifying the iPad’s packaging tray

free ipad stand

An 8-bit Nintendo cartridge soap you can bring to the bathroom with.

8-bit nintendo cartridge soap

No, you can’t eat this chicken burger, it’s actually a four-port USB hub.


Environmental-friendly pencils are here to save the Earth, they are not made of wood, but recycled paper.

recycled paper pencils

A cool time-lapse plant camera that can be installed to turn daily pictures of growing plants into a video clip.

timelapse plant camera

This may look like a crushed plastic coffee cup, but it’s actually made of white ceramic.

ceramic crushed paper cup 

Video of an amazing robot that balances itself on a single ball.



The iPad gets turned into a skateboard by these two guys.



This odd nacho cheese lip balm will make you want to lick your lips all the time.

nacho cheese lip balm

Yet another cake has been sacrificed to look like an iPad.

ipad cake

A giant record-setting picture made solely from Japanese onigiri.

giant onigiri