Perfect rendition of Pokerface by a Korean called AppleGirl using 4 iPhones!



This “high-tech” oven comes with a display that automatically streams YouTube videos while you wait for food to get cooked.



Forget about all the other elaborate iPhone stands. The iBend is as simple as an iPhone stand can get.



Love Pac-Man? Then this wallet that marks the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man will fit your bill.


An Xbox 360 console is just a normal console, until you spice it up with some bling. Just cover it up with 24K gold!


These manly mouse pads are not for the weak of heart. They are made of pure steel and are shaped to look like circular saw blades.


Interesting product concept art by bmansnuggles, a hoodie that turns you into Megaman!


Got a CD in hand but no where to place them? These cd holders shaped like Hershey’s kisses will solve the problem.


If you’re afraid to belt out songs in the evening for fear of neighbors complaining, this Wii karaoke mute mic will allow you to sing as loud as you want!


Impress your peers with this cool trick by re-lighting candles immediately after are blown out.



A true master of business card throwing. This guy can throw business cards like they’re shurikens!



A very cool CG clip about video game characters in pixel form taking over a city.