sony vaio w

  • Sony Vaio W hands on – First hand look at the Sony Vaio W notebook. [engadget]


black white clock

  • Black & white clock – This clock concept automatically detects the amount of light in its surroundings and applies either black or white illumination to its display. [link]


electric watch implant

  • Electronic watch tattoo – This concept implants an LED display which shows through the skin, and is powered perpetually by the body’s own kinetic energy. [link]



  • iSaw is a hoax – Remember the iSaw? As previously predicted, it is a hoax with a purpose to remind people to save trees by not printing unnecessary stuff on paper. [link]


nes controller netbook sleeve

  • NES controller netbook sleeve – Specially for Nintendo geeks. [flickr]



  • How ants survive from being cooked in a microwave oven – I didn’t know ants could do that in the first place. [link]



gears of war cosplay

  • 20 most badass game cosplay costumes – The best gaming cosplay costumes make their way into this top 20 list. [link]


giant post-it donkey kong

  • Post-it Donkey Kong – Giant post-it stop motion animation of the Donkey Kong game. [youtube]


 command and conquer 4

  • Command and Conquer 4 announced – C&C fans, this is what you have been waiting for. [news]


iphone command and conquer red alert

  • Command and Conquer Red Alert on the iPhone – The remake of the classic C&C favorite is making its way to the iPhone. [link]


pac man bandages

  • Pac-man bandages – Pac-man will ease your pain. [link]



hello kitty mario

  • Hello Kitty Mario papercraft – Hello Kitty dresses up as Super Mario in papercraft. [link]


rc plane air to ground

  • RC plane that shoots ammo – RC model plane modified to carry a payload with air-to-ground capabilities. [youtube]


Anime & Manga

evangelion swiss army knife

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion swiss army knife – NGEVA swiss army knives spotted at Tokyo GiftExpo. [gallery]


bandai yakiniku game

  • Bandai and & MegaHouse Yakiniku Toy – Nope, you can’t cook real food with this toy. [link]


hello kitty car pink

  • Hello Kitty car – A Honda car with a Hello Kitty theme. Of course it has to be pink. [gallery]



google chrome

  • Google Chrome OS partners – Google announces its partners for its new revolutionary OS offering. Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Toshiba. [link]


  • Intel working with Google for Chrome OS – Intel partners with Google for the new Chrome OS. [news]


Cool Stuff

robotic cheetah

  • Robotic cheetah – Robotic cheetah designed by Andrew Chase replicates the movements of its real life counterparts. [link]


yoda cake

  • Yoda cake – May be with you, the force will. [flickr]


Funny Stuff

bald man's comb

  • Bald man’s comb – You only need it where hair remains. [pic]