basketball statue


Cheat Sheet Placemat – Never ever have to figure out or memorize where each utensil or cutlery goes on the table ever again!

cheat sheet utensil placemat


Real-Life Arcade Racer – An cool project where one can play a racing game from an arcade cabinet to control a real-life remote control toy car equipped with a live camera on a miniature race track.



Seat Savers – An interesting idea for saving your seat outdoors with one of these spilled food/drink disguises. The drawback is that you’ll lose it the moment it fails to deceive.

seat saver diguises


Hotcake-Flavored Milkshake – Another day, another weird flavor. Japanese company Morinaga comes up with a new hotcake flavored milkshake drink.

morinaga hotcake-flavored milkshake


Pepsi White – Pepsi in white? What flavor could it be? Well, it’s yogurt flavor. I can only wonder how it feels like to drink a bubbly yogurt drink.

pepsi white


Flaming School Bus – It’s not everyday that you see a bus spitting out flames from behind its back. This school bus is equipped with a jet engine from a fighter plane and screams across roads at a top speed of 367 miles per hour.



Phone Excuse Keychain – This keychain comes with 6 sound effects that will help you come up with an excuse to stop a long-winded or boring conversation abruptly. Comes with sound effects such as a door bell, car crashing and baby crying.

get off the phone excuse keychain


Supermarket Mario – This cool 8-bit Super Mario was seen at a supermarket made up of soda cartons. Check out the coin box on its right too.

supermarket mario art


QWERTY Shoe – A shoe fit for the computer geek. Features a really geeky keyboard design for its sole.

qwerty shoe design