iphone 3gs

  • Slow uplink chip bogs iPhone 3GS network speed – An early version of a 3G uplink chip used by the iPhone 3GS is the cause of the iPhone 3GS’ slow uploading speed. [link]


rechargeable air horn

  • Rechargeable air horn – Good for 70 blasts, as loud as typical air horns and rechargeable via compressed air. [link]



dragon quest ix launch day

  • Dragon Quest IX launches in Japan – Launch day report on Dragon Quest IX: ‘Defenders of the Starry Sky’ for the Nintendo DS. [1up]


mechwarrior 4

  • MechWarrior 4 is arriving – MechWarrior 4 reveal trailer released. [video]



pool pong

  • Pool pong – An adapted swimming pool version of beer pong. [link]



google chrome

  • Microsoft calls Google Chrome OS a ‘decoy’ – Microsoft’s VP says the release of the Chrome OS will not be a threat to the Windows OS line, as it looks to be just a tool that will allow casual users to access Google’s other online offerings easily. [link]


How-To’s/Tips & Tricks

diet coke mentos booby trap

  • Diet coke/Mentos booby trap – How to make a diet coke and Mentos booby trap that will drench your unsuspecting victim. What you’ll need, a bottle of diet coke, a Mentos mint, scissors, a needle and a piece of string. [video]


Cool Stuff

multi games table

  • 10 multipurpose game furniture – Furniture designs that come with secondary facilities for gaming. [gallery]


multi colored salt ponds

  • Amazing multi-colored salt ponds – These salt ponds from San Francisco emanate vibrant hues, directly caused by the specific species of organism inhabiting the ponds within a range of salinities. [flickr]


ultimate concrete crusher

  • Ultimate concrete crusher – This crushing machine delivers over 1.4 million pounds of force that pulverizes a solid column of concrete into smithereens. [video]


Funny Stuff

baby peace sign

  • Baby loves peace – This baby could be the youngest advocate of peace in history. [pic]


multi-hotdog skewer bbq

  • There, I fixed it – Multi hotdog BBQ skewer. [link]


Odd Stuff

bust smasher

  • The ultimate human smasher – Woman smashes soda cans and destroys watermelons with her busts! [youtube]


black labrador

  • Family drops their own pee around neighborhood to recover lost pet – A family in Bristol, UK went around dispersing their own urine hoping that their missing dog may catch their scent and return home. [news]


News & Articles

An astonished mother has told how she gave birth to conjoined twins despite being told by medics she was expecting two normal babies. Scans and ultrasound tests had failed to pick up that the babies were joined at the waist, forming one long body with a head at each end. Doctors in Xiaogan, eastern China, have so far been unable to say even what sex the tots are as they have been born without any external sexual organs. The siblings - dubbed the snake twins in local media - were born at Daoqiao Township Hospital on June 19 with a combined weight of 13lbs 2oz. Mum Hui Chung had been expecting two healthy, normal twins after a series of routine medical checks during her pregnancy. "It is a huge shock. We are discussing what we can do to separate them but that costs a great deal of money and we are not rich," she said. These astonishing pictures show that both babies have their own arms, legs, trunks and heads and appear completely normal until the waist. Further tests and scans will be needed before surgeons can assess whether the twins would be suitable for an operation to separate them. 
Dad Zhang Jianjun, 29, says he's been told the op is likely to cost at least 50,000 GBP. "I am a farmer and we don't have that sort of money but we want to help our children," he said.

  • Chinese snake siamese twins – A pair of twins dubbed the ‘snake duo’ from China were born without external sexual organs. Doctors were unable to determine their actual sex at birth. [news]