baby cat pose 


Facebook and Twitter Shoes – Anyone who has been seen wearing one of these must be a huge social media fan. Fortunately these social media themed sports shoes are just concepts for now.

facebook shoe twitter shoe


Space Invader Waffle – Nothing like a Space Invader waffle with chocolate icing spread to start the day. Yum.

space invader waffle


Minecraft Kinect Mod – This Xbox 360 Kinect gets hacked for a special purpose, and that’s for playing Minecraft. Interesting, but looks more like a chore.



M&M’s Earbuds – These M&M’s don’t melt in your hand but don’t melt in your mouth either. They’re earbuds made to look like M&M chocolates!

m&m's earbuds


Merry Christmas Geek Wreath – This must be the geekiest Christmas wreath of all. One that’s made from recycled computer parts as a Christmas decoration. A good way of making use of old unwanted computer parts.

geekiest christmas wreath recycled pc parts


DIY Gingerbread House Kit – A nice DIY kit for making your very own yummy gingerbread house for the holidays.

gingerbread house kit gingerbread house kit done


Pantone Color iPhone Cases – For those who love their colors to come in specific shades, these iPhone 4 cases in Pantone colors are here to satisfy.



Angry Birds Plush Toy – Surely one of the coolest games on the Android and iPhone platforms currently, Angry Birds. Now it’s time to own an Angry Birds plush toy for throwing around in real life.

angry birds plush toy


Jumbo Cupcake Candle – This is really large jumbo-sized cupcake. Looks yummy, but it’s actually a candle that looks just like a cupcake. Interestingly enough, it also comes with a vanilla cupcake scent when lighted.

jumbo cupcake candle