super mario india's got talent

  • Super Mario sketch – Super Mario sketch performed on India’s Got talent, and as always, Luigi has to do all the dirty work. [youtube]


dragon quest ix dragon quest ix amazon japan ratings

  • Dragon Quest IX low ratings – Amazon Japan’s customers have given Dragon Quest IX on the Nintendo DS a pretty low average rating of 2.5 stars, with some calling the game an outright rubbish. The most complained feature is the single data save slot for the game. [link]



  • 5 million kills on Battlefield: 1943 – With only just one day of release Battlefield 1943 has hit an astonishing 5 million kills, as gamers race to unlock the fourth ‘Coral Sea’ map when it reaches 43 million global kills. [link]




duck hunt toy game

  • Real life duck hunt – Real life duck hunt game. Not with real ducks, but with a flying toy duck and an infrared gun. You don’t hurt the real ones but still get the fun. [link]




power up prime transformer

  • Custom Power-Up Prime Transformer – Custom Power-Up Prime transformer spotted on eBay. The model was formed by combining Leader Class Optimus Prime and Leader Class Jetfire with some modifications. It looks like this awesome custom mod can actually transform into both a truck and a giant jet plane. [gallery]


color changing umbrella

  • Color-changing umbrella – Skyline Squiderella umbrellas have their fabric infused with hydrochromatic ink that change colors when it comes into contact with water. Definitely bring rainbows to your day when the day gets wet. [link]


creative dumpster use

  • Creative dumpster use – The many creative ways dumpsters can be used. Flowerpots, table-tennis table and patches of lawn. [gallery]


heart attack grill 

  • Heart attack grill – A quadruple bypass burger served by a ‘nurse’ at the Heart Attack Grill and more. [gallery]


original ghostbusters ecto 1 car

  • Original Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car- This original Ecto-1 Ghostbusters vehicle was owned by Universal Studios and has been spotted recently on eBay. Did the recession really hit them so hard that they had to sell it? [link]




funny subway

  • Only in the subway – Funny pictures taken in the subway. Some are just weird. [gallery]


spot the difference

  • Spot the difference – Spot the difference, spot the obvious. Sometimes it’s hard not to notice at all. [pic]


handsfree headset

  • There, I fixed it – Ghetto mobile phone handsfree kit. Perfect. [pic]


programmer cake

  • Programmer’s cake – The life of a programmer on cake. [pic]




spider pizza

  • Spider pizza – This serving of pizza has a unique ingredient to the usual stuff, and that’s spider! It probably provides a very good boost of protein like what insects and arachnids usually provide. Ewww! [link]


News & Articles

wallet baby

  • Wallets with baby photos get the highest return percentage – Experiment reveals wallets with baby photos get returned 42% of the time. The least percentage of returns were wallets with donation cards that suggest of recent donations. [link]


zubbles colored bubbles

  • Colored bubbles invented – These are the world’s first bubbles with colors that do not stain when they pop. They go by the name Zubbles and are currently on sale with two colors, blue and pink. [link]

ipod scam potatoes

  • British iPod scam – A group of British conmen tricked a group of German bargain hunters into buying a batch of dirt-cheap iPods, only to receive a bag full of potatoes instead. [news]