can tower


Recycled iMac – An old iMac gets transformed into a seemingly comfortable pet bed for a dog.

recycled imac dog bed


Nintendo NES DVD Player – How to turn an old NES video console into a working DVD player.

recycled nintendo nes dvd player


Twitter Tweeting Booth – Spotted on reddit, this real-life twitter booth looks interesting but somewhat ridiculous.

twitter tweeting booth 


World of Warcraft Stole My Boyfriend – Now a pin-back button to tell the world how you lost your boyfriend.

world of warcraft stole my boyfriend button


World’s Largest Yo-Yo – The world’s largest yo-yo is so huge it has to be launched from the roof of a building.

world's largest yo-yo


Ebi Sushi USB Drive – A flash memory USB drive that looks like tasty-looking Japanese shrimp sushi.

ebi sushi usb drive


Dark Chocolate Covered Bacon – For both bacon and chocolate lovers, now you can enjoy both of your favorite treats at the same time.

dark chocolate covered bacon


Lego Nintendo Wii Remote – Lego has released a Nintendo Wiimote that is covered with Lego bricks. It comes with 31 Lego pieces and can be customized to gamers’ liking.

lego nintendo wiimote 


‘Rubber’ Duckie Tea Infuser – This duckie tea infuser swims not in the bathtub but in your cup of tea. Put some tea leaves inside the duckie, let it swim in the teacup for a bit and you get a nice cup of tea in minutes.

rubber duckie tea infuser