solid rose gold pink iphone 3gs

  • Solid rose gold iPhone 3GS revealed – This luxurious beautiful rose gold plated iPhone 3GS with a pink hue and imbued with 53 pink diamonds comes at a price of £21,995. [link]


panasonic cf-30 toughbook torture test

  • Panasonic CF-30 torture test – The Panasonic CF-30 toughbook gets run over by a truck and survives the ordeal. [video]


ironkey s200

  • Ironkey S200 USB drive – This USB drive, apart from its high standard of data security also comes with a self-destruct feature! [link]




window film bird collision

  • Windows that save birds’ lives – A film used on the exterior of glass panels has been developed to prevent birds from colliding into them. This film allows birds to detect the presence of an obstruction but is not visible to the human eye. [news]




f-18 fly past building

  • Close shot of F-18 Jet – This US-Navy F-18 Hornet flies dangerously close to an apartment building for a fly-past during a tactical demonstration in Detroit. [news]


wall-mounted aquarium

  • 36 wall mounted innovations – Awesome stuff mounted on walls. [gallery]




mario life tips

  • Life lessons from Mario – Mario teaches you how to get women in real life. [pic]




shoe burger

  • Shoe burger – A burger shaped like a sneaker. I sure do hope it doesn’t smell like one! [pic]

strange intersection gibraltar airport

  • Strange airport – This airport in Gibraltar actually has a taxi-way intersecting a regular public road! How odd is that, and hopefully none of those cars get blown apart by the passing jet blasts. [link]