cat and camera

A quick phone specification comparison chart of the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS from Pocket-lint for those looking to buy the 4th generation iPhone from Apple.

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS comparison chart specifications


This dedicated dad makes unique pancakes for his daughter and blogs about it everyday. Amazingly creative stuff by Jim’s Pancakes, especially this geeky Tetris pancake.

tetris pancake


This is the newest way to eat sushi. Not by holding each piece with bare fingers but eating them off like a candy pop! Just push it from the bottom and a new one pops up. Buy these sushi poppers from Amazon.

sushi popper

The following may look like a club sandwich, but it isn’t. These are actually individual drink coasters that can be stacked to resemble a sandwich. Definitely interesting to look at in addition to their functional purpose.

club sandwich drink coasters

A classic case of stuff from computers brought to real life. This time, familiar icons such as the e-mail envelope and the notepad page gets turned into real-life objects serving their equivalent purpose!

e-mail and letter icons real life


A cool stop motion video of an 8-bit Paper Mario with a real-life classroom as the backdrop.



There is a simple way to like things on the web just by clicking the Facebook “Like” button, but what about real life? This rubber stamp with a Facebook style “like” button may be the answer. However it just doesn’t seem wise to go around stamping everything you like with ink.

real life facebook like button ink rubber stamp


This interesting optical illusion really fools our minds. The fact that these tables are the same size is utterly intriguing.



A cool Sonic the Hedgehog cross-stitch art made by Redditor maggoty’s wife over the course of about 3 years. A nice piece of retro-gaming art that deserves to be framed up.

sonic the hedgehog cross-stitch art