car laptop mount

  • Car laptop mount – Ingenious car laptop mount made from PVC piping. [link]


mix stix

  • Mix Stix wooden spoons double up as drumsticks – The best way to disrespect a chef is to drum up a rhythm on his favorite pan. [link]




black nintendo wii

  • Black Nintendo Wii – Nintendo is releasing a new Nintendo Wii Black in color, and yes it comes in a black box. [link]


bf 1943 coral sea unlock

  • Battlefield 1943 Coral Sea map unlocked for Xbox Live – If you haven’t been one of those raking in kills in Battlefield: 1943, you should be informed that the global kill count for Xbox 360 has exceeded 43 million resulting in the unlocking of the map by EA/DICE for the 360 on Xbox Live. [link]


battlefield heroes

  • Battlefield Heroes reaches 1 million players – The player count for the free to play game Battlefield Heroes has reached 1 million and is still counting. [link]




knight rider rc car

  • Knight Rider RC car – Drive your very own Knight Rider car. Well, just the RC version. [link]




android x86 pc

  • Run Android OS on PC – Android x86 LiveCD is now available. Now you can run Google’s Android OS on a PC desktop. Virtually that is, and the best thing is you don’t even need to install anything or change your PC settings to try it out. [link]




dungeons and dragons cake by cakerific

  • Dungeons & Dragons birthday cake – This cake will own the hell out of all birthday cakes. Growl. [pic]


old keyboard ring

  • Keyboard rings – Rings made out of keys from a windows keyboard. [link]


triceratops chopper

  • Triceratops chopper – 50% dinosaur and 50% helicopter. 100% badass looking. [link]


cool speaker

  • 8 cool speakers from around the world – Speakers that come in all shapes and sizes and even in the form of R2-D2! [link]



toilet paper origami

  • Origami toilet paper – Learn the fine art of origami while you’re in the crapper. [link]