ironing board mirror combo

  • Ironing board mirror combo – Full length mirror attached to the back of an ironing board. Not a bad concept. Who uses the ironing board and the mirror at the same time anyway. Definitely a space saver [link]


book reading lamp 1 book reading lamp 2

  • Book sensitive reading lamp – A lamp that shuts off when a book is left on it, and turns on when the book is removed. Acts like a bookmark as well. [link]


vacuum tube thumb drive

  • Vacuum tube thumb drive – Totally geeky vacuum USB drive built from scratch. [link]




remote control rat

  • RC toy rat – Remote control rat just for pranks. [link]




volkswagon passat transformer

  • Volkswagon transformer – Volkswagon Passat transformer spotted outside a mall in Beijing. This was used in conjunction with the opening of the mall’s cinema to attract the crowd. [link]


sun tattoo bikini

  • Sun tattoo bikini – Get a free heart-shaped sun tattoo by using this bikini. [link]


paper clip japan subway

  • Paperclips dance on subway train – Electromagnetism leaks through the floor of a Japanese subway cause these paperclips to stand on their ends during acceleration and braking. Should this be a cause for concern? [link]




darth vader master chief pink

  • Master Chief and Darth Vader in pink – Darth Vader and Master Chief discover their feminine side. The fact that they come as limited edition sets tells most not to follow in their footsteps. Ever. [link]



  • Riding a motobike with no arms – Guy from China rides motorcycle without arms. He’s been riding like that for over 10 years. Interesting fact: he learnt how to do it in the circus. [news]