greedy dog coin bank 1 greedy dog coin bank 2

  • Choken Bako greedy dog coin bank – Put a coin into the bowl and the greedy dog swallows it! [link]


usb key drive

  • USB key drive – This USB drive is shaped like a key literally. Comes in 5 colors. [link]




showa wireless charging system

  • Contactless charging – Awesome contactless charging system demonstrated by Showa Aircraft Industry Co Ltd. This system uses an electromagnetic induction to send energy through the air up to a meter apart without affecting anything in between. This means electrical appliances in the future could be running without having to be plugged into an electrical outlet ever. [link]




dragon quest ix intro

  • Dragon Quest IX Japan intro video – First look at the first few minutes of the much hyped about Dragon Quest IX game, including battle gameplay. [video]


xbox live update

  • Xbox Live update – Xbox Live is undergoing an update on Monday, check out what’s in store. [link]




sato fake japanese food making

  • The art of fake Japanese food making – Often seen those wonderful and realistic-looking fake food samples displayed outside Japanese eateries? Now you have the opportunity to see how they’re made. [video]


garbage silhouette

  • Garbage art – A pile of trash rearranged to produce a silhouette of art. [flickr]




tianzi hotel china 

  • Weird China hotel – Tianzi hotel in China, is a unique hotel shaped in the form of Chinese deities. [pic]


ibum chair 

  • iBum chair – This armchair sofa comes with a photocopying machine pointing up your bum. So watch as these people try it out and get a free photocopied image of their flattened ass. [video]


pyramid shaped watermelons

  • Pyramid shaped watermelon – Japanese pyramid shaped watermelons grown in a Hokkaido farm, just like the square ones they’re expensive! [link]


michael jackson 2000

  • What MJ could look like in 2000 – An artist’s impression of how Michael Jackson could look like in 2000, from 1985. [pic]