1. iPhone 3GS reviews: [engadget] & [gizmodo].

2. Samsung Omnia 2 reviews: [mobilecrunch] & [gsmarena].

3. Kingston announces world’s first 128GB USB drive [link]. Following not far behind, Edge Tech also releases a 128GB USB drive cheaper by $150 [link].

4. Nokia E72 technical specs released. [link]

5. Disney collaborates with Asus for a Disney branded netbook for the upcoming holiday season. [link]

6. Asus Eee PC 1005HA gets unboxed. [link] /w video



1. The 5 most recognizable gaming icons ever. [link]

2. Logitech releases wireless guitar controller for Xbox 360. [link]

3. Latest Need For Speed trailer released. [link]


Hot Viral Links

1. Ultimate atomic wedgie unleashed. [pic]

2. Amazon Kindle source code released. [link]

3. Raccoons rescued from vending machine. [youtube]

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5. Cheetos Lip Balm. [pic]

6. Guy who tattooed 56 stars on teenager will pay half the cost to remove the unwanted ones. [news]

7. The most abandoned places in the world. [link]



1. How to read and retrieve files from scratched CDs or DVDs in Windows. [link]