nose poke


Modern Fire-Making with IKEA stuff – How to start a fire if the only materials you have are products that come from an IKEA store.



Halo Reach Cake – In honor of the official release of Halo Reach, a Halo Reach cake was conceived.

halo reach cake


Macbook Cutting Board – A Macbook shaped cutting board made for the fans of the Apple Macbook who also enjoy cooking.

macbook cutting board


iPad Cutting Board – Not to be outdone, a smaller cutting board shaped like the Apple iPad was also spotted.

iphone cutting board


Super Mario Picnic – This is how picnic food should look like for all Super Mario fans.

super mario picnic


Lego Cutlery – A cutlery set consisting of a spoon, fork and knife with handles made like Lego bricks. Besides looking totally geeky, it also makes organizing easier as they can be stacked together for storage.

lego cutlery set


Keep Calm Band-aids – Bandages that come with words to help keep you calm in the event of an accident.

keep calm band-aids


Macbook Birthday Cake – A decent and nicely made Apple Macbook birthday cake was made for a lucky person named Shelby.

macbook birthday cake


Burger Truck – A very interesting-looking burger truck spotted by nycscout on the street. Doesn’t it make people want to go grab a nice burger after taking a look at it?

burger truck


Zombie Blood Energy Potions – I have no idea what kind of living existence derive energy from zombie blood but these zombie blood energy potions are specially made safe for human consumption. An energy drink with an undead spin.

zombie blood energy potion